We are passionate about learning and education.

Last year, we collaborated with our partner company in China to start a summer/winter camp for young people called Gloryoung Summer/Winter Camp. The unique feature of this camp is that the participants are able to go into some of the most prestigious organisations and institutes such as the Central Radio Station, National Ballet Company and The Chinese Academy of Sciences and interact with, and be inspired by, the renowned artists and experts.

In the same year, we were also one of the organisers for Guangxi provincial round of the “Golden Bookmark” competition in China. “Golden Bookmark” is a nationwide reading and elocution completion for young people. The event is supported by Taofen Foundation, the only non-profit organization of China's press industry; it is under the leadership of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People's Republic of China. 

We believe the UK has much to offer in education. UK education is renowned for providing a solid foundation for independent thinking and creativity, sought after qualities in today’s world. China, on the other hand, has millions of young people who are eager to learn and driven to succeed. We are constantly seeking platforms that allow the two sides to come together and achieve excellence and mutual prosperity.


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