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We believe relationships are a key aspect in the business world, especially in the B2B arena. A good relationship requires the right communication and common understanding. We can help in forming and maintaining strong relationship between UK and Chinese companies.

Case study 1:

A major manufacturer of commercial floorcovering in the UK source a particular product line from a Taiwanese company. They wanted to negotiate a sole supply contract with the Taiwanese company for the UK and other markets where they are a major player on the commercial flooring sector. They needed to convince the supplier that what they wanted to do was not to impose trade restrictions on them but to form a long-term and mutually prosperous relationship. They asked us to facilitate the negotiation with the Taiwanese company. With a good understanding of both British and Chinese culture, we successfully brought both sides closer by bridging the cultural gap and the negotiation concluded in them forming a partnership.

Case study 2:

Our client: a British company, who is a world leader for a specialised heating element.
Our client’s customers: manufacturing companies in China
Problem: long lead-time. When a Chinese customer placed an order, our client could take as long as 4 weeks to procure the raw materials, another 4 weeks to manufacture the product and a further 40 days for the product to reach a Chinese port.
What we have done for our client: for the past 15 years, we have been communicating with the Chinese companies on a regular basis so that our client can anticipate the Chinese companies’ order quantities and be able to react quickly when the actual order is placed and fulfil the order quickly and efficiently.
Result: despite fierce competition from companies in China manufacturing similar products, our client is still able to maintain their customer base and continues to sell to China.


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